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Inside Vassarette

Today’s Vassarette® woman is comfortable with herself, her life and her style. She finds Vassarette® a great way to treat herself and enjoy mini indulgences. From a wide assortment of colors, padding levels and styles, Vassarette® has been there for women through the decades offering her great options and great prices.


Vassar Swiss Underwear Company building

Vassar Swiss Underwear Company shortened its name to "Vassar Company" and, in 1951, "Vassarette."

Munsingwear, Inc. acquired the Vassarette® label and Vassarette Foundations were born. The brand had a lightness of spirit, a distinct and playful tone.

Hollywood Vassarette®

The Hollywood Vassarette® label launched undergarments designed for fashion and all the liberation and sass that the 1960s ushered into culture.


Underneath it all

Vassarette® paired fun colors and trendy styles with the idea of intimates being part of the coordinated outfit — making it go "underneath-it-all."


Sophisticated Women

The women's movement brought a more sophisticated theme in advertising with "the more woman you are the better".


By 1986, the product line includes bras, girdles, garter belts, camisoles, petticoats, full slips, teddies, tap or French pants, panties, body briefers, robes, gowns and pajamas.


The Vassarette® label changed hands again, and today, Vassarette® is a registered trademark of Vanity Fair, Inc.


Real Sexy campaign

"Real Sexy" ad campaign embodies confident wit. Tag lines include "May All Your Bad Hair Days Go Unnoticed" and "Boost Your Confidence Among Other Things."


In keeping with tradition, the product line still consists of fashionable and trend-right intimates for women who are looking to match their many outfits and moods. There is something for every shape and every solution comfortably priced.

Today's Vassarette®